Aug 27,2021

Drifting Waves (vol 1)

Sep 24, 2021

Drifting Waves (vol 2)

Oct 19, 2021

The Architect Media Group Compilation (vol 1)

Nov 2, 2021


Darkness Fall 
Jan 7, 2020

Code Heartbreak  Feb 11, 2020

Anthony Royal  Royal Rebel EP
October 23 2018


         Keep It Up                                               I'm The One                                     KING LIKE THIS               

    Feel Your Energy                                         Royal Dynasty                                 We Can Do Anything         

        Good Girls Bounce                         Young Black And Gifted                     Royals In The House

         Who Popping Next                                   She You Wanna                                    Royal Bang

      What You Need                                            Mosh Pit                                            I Said Hold Up                   

         Pound 4 Pound                                         It's Your Night


      This song is not for sale this is a tribute to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and The Human League.

         Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

Thank you for your Great Music you gave us through the years.

All I Want Is You